Monday, August 2, 2010

Spend It Good..... A Week in New York City!

I Spent a week with my boys in NYC and being the only chic was very interesting.....

Toronto Guys Can Shop!!!

We hit up several shops everyday from Brooklyn to Manhattan, I reported on where the guys spent most of their time....

ILORI 138 Spring St in Soho has the most Exclusive Eye wear Collections in New York. Stop by and ask for Duane Littles. When we entered the store he greeted us almost instantly, offered us a beverage, and hand selected 6 pairs of sunglasses for us to try on. Absolutely Amazing Service!

Duane (left) with one of his VIP Clients

Uniqlo was next on Broadway. The ultimate place for men to stock up on basics.

Dr Jays at 34th St had the best deals and great selection of Men's Casual

For Sneakers, you only go to one place in New York.....


Ladies, we thought we loved shoes?

To get your Ghetto Fabulous Jewels (Fronts, name earrings,Jesus pcs) you have to go see my friends who have made jewels for me and my friends for more than 10 years.

Robert and Joseph Across from Junior's in Fulton Mall

All in all it was great to shop in New York City with my boys!

Boys will be Boys!

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