Friday, October 22, 2010

Living Life....Backstage at LG Fashion Week!

After a hectic week of pulls, fittings and a lot of preparation, RSVP pulled off the first of many styling jobs! This week my bro and I styled the Lana Dugmag show which was amazing! Today at 2pm in the Heritage Building at LG Fashion Week!

We were hired to help Lana a new Designer, bring her story of "The Unfinished Doll's Dress" to life. As soon as we saw her collection, the ideas started flowing. As a team we all understand Lana's vision, and we all got along so well it was a great experience! The show was a hit!

Read Lana's Bio and Collection

Fitting Night

Backstage... Just before the show...

On the Red Carpet....

Lana Dugmag and guest

Asma Khan Model

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