Sunday, January 2, 2011

Road Trip? Brunch?... What I'm doing this year Part 2

Part Two:
Start the RSVP Womens Brunch and Shopping days in Toronto, and attend a convention or tradeshow during a road trip to NYC!
Last year I missed out on a ton of events that happened in different cities so this year I really want to live it up! With proper planning we can take well deserved "me time" and go on some serious "Spend it Good" Trips! Meet up with a group of RSVP Women and Brunch, shop around Toronto, hit Las Vegas & New York for some serious "Ladies Time"

Upcoming Events...

2 makeup events in New York, IMATS and The Makeup Show NYC. IMATS comes to Toronto as well, but I love going on an NYC Roadtrip. IMATS is Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 I wouldn't mind going on the Sunday from 11-5 ( more time to hit the stores

These shows are for makeup junkies!!! Watch the video and check out the site for more info.

The Makeup Show NYC is May 15-16

I will be doing an NYC Road Trip for one of these shows,if you want to organize a trip with your girls we can all meet up at different destinations. Most people like to fly, I like to drive because I need a car for my routine...
When I travel to New York I  always:

Leave on Wednesday night so that arrive Thursday morning when Woodbury Common's stores open
Check in Thursday afternoon and stay at the Sheraton in Brooklyn, New hotel LOVE the loacation!
Hit Century 21 at 7am Friday Morning Close the evening finding deals in Brooklyn at DSW, Daffy's and Target...Friday night hang out on the new and improved Fulton and Flatbush area! New restaurants, urban boutiques
Saturday Shop til you drop ALL DAY eat Thai at Cafeasia at night
Sunday Makeup Show and out!

Be prepared to walk! We will check out Versailles Boutique and a few other hot spots!

If you have any ideas for Toronto RSVP Womens Brunch or another convention, let me know

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