Thursday, January 27, 2011

Step Out In Style... Lia Coa'Coa Tulle Skirts

Have you ever tried finding a Tulle Skirt when it's not prom?

Tulle skirts are very hard to find in Toronto if it's not prom season or the holidays!
Nicki Minaj brought back the "Barbie" look which has made the Tulle skirt become popular again. I decided to find a designer that could make them special order for RSVP.

Lia Coa 'Coa is a friend of mine that has amazing sewing skills, and she has decided to partner with RSVP so that we can provide custom made clothing for Special occasions, Parties etc. We have started with the Tulle, but look out for her Lace Collection and her custom made formal dresses.

The Tulle skirts are made to measure, they take 2 weeks to make, and you can have almost any colour as long as the Tulle is available. Please email RSVP for a quote, two-tone skirts are also available.

Watch the latest video to see these outfits on! Enjoy

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