Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Jewellery & My Newest Style Session!

Hi Everyone!

I finally got a moment to post so I wanted to post the follow up video to "My Trip to NYC" The Style Session that I promised, as well as some pics from the trip:
 I got some amazing jewellery when I was in NYC:

This necklace is my fave right now!


I bought all of my jewels in Manhattan. I love bling! & The bigger the better!

Here are some of the bangles and a Crystal & Gold Cuff that I got to go with my dresses...

I got 2 amazing necklaces, earrings and sunglasses that you will see when you watch the video in my last post. I even show you in the sunglasses that I got in Manhattan that are totally blinged out!



To see the some of the accessories and dresses on, check out the Style Session video below:

If you did not watch the "My NYC Trip Small Haul at the end", you should watch that video first!

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