Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spend it Good.... Come with me to look for a gift at Rock City!

It's that time of the year and I have to get my significant other a Birthday gift! This week I wanted to visit my Hubby's favorite Jeweller "Kris", so I headed to the Jewellery Exchange...

Back in the day my mom would go to see Tony who would make her bangles chains etc. Now everyone goes to Kris; a Hot Jeweller with an impressive client list and great designs for all of your custom needs, Watches, Pieces, Diamond Rings and Fronts

The selection caters to men, but there are women's watches and rings as well. Take a look at the closeup of this beautiful diamond ring that I tried on:


I bought my boo's first watch from Kris as a Wedding gift to my hubby. I had my eye on this one for him because even though it has a lot of bling, its not as dressy as his other one it's more sporty!

I liked this one a well Gucci Inspired

Kris had so many beautiful pieces I couldn't decide! I did narrow it down to 2 different kinds of diamonds...

I love these!

This was my favorite. I love Black Diamonds

There is a huge selection of Jesus Pcs and Rosary Style Diamond Chains

 This was my most favorite

If you are downtown and you get a chance to go to the Eaton Centre, Rock City is inside the Jewellery Exchange 215 Yonge St
To contact Kris call 416-366-7625

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