Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caribana Parade 2011

Every year I go to the parade with hubby and we hang out watch the floats, and chill with friends for the day... You may have heard about all the violence that happened; but I was at the parade for 5 hours 3-8 and did not know about the sad events until leaving the grounds after everything had happened...

On a more positive note, my opinion is Caribana is what you make of it! I take advantage of seeing old friends that I haven's seen for years, and the costumes and floats are always fun to watch. The best for me since going as a kid was watching the crowd go wild when a Hip Hop or Reggae float goes by!

Here are a few clips and pics of me and my fam hanging out at the parade...
Me & Lil Sis got the printed leggings! Perfect for a day of walking around in the sun, and so comfortable!

Enjoy the vid!

Thanks for following!

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