Saturday, August 13, 2011

Living Life... The highlight of My Trip to NYC

When I went to New York at the end of July, I had the chance to meet up with 2 of my fave girls to watch on YouTube! I met Jackie from "Jacqidollhouse" Channel, and Fash from "Lover4Fashion" Channel.These girls are a blast! We had a great time, we had lunch, and shopped in Manhattan.

 Sadly Fash had to fly back the next day, it was Jackie's Birthday at Room Service that night! While I was in NYC I posted pics of us from the club, that were on "All the"; but here is some footage from the party!
Don't forget to check my girls out!
youtube/user/jacquidollhouse to watch Jackie's Channel

youtube/user/lover4FASHION to watch Fash's Channel


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