Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spend it Good... My Human Hair Full Lace Wig Review

I finally had the chance to finish filming my review of Kalore's 2 Full Lace Wigs. These are the 2 wigs that I get the most emails about and believe me they are investments! The wigs retail on for $300 and for me, they were well worth the money! I am so happy with these wigs that I have started to wear them everyday instead of only for special occasions. In the video, I will show you the wigs and tell you how apply them, I even show you the first wig that I've had for more than a year and it is in mint condition!
$300 might be a lot to spend on a wig for some, but I always tell people to live within their means. It's important to buy in your price range and that's why Kalore is great. They offer 3 different price points and all the wigs deliver on quality.

Enjoy! Visit to order

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