Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Step Out in Style.... "Bring the Old Back"

If you haven't seen the video of me finding my DVF dress, you must check out this video! It's a cute story of what NOT to do a the Dry Cleaners!

The Story with my DVF Dress inspired me to go back into the closet and see what I have before I start throwing money at the new Fall items that are tempting me in the stores! I uploaded Episode 2 this morning! I was able to find even more old items that I could rock this season! I originally wanted to do this video every Tuesday, but I was hoping for a better response from my Diva's! I will still do it but maybe once per month!

BlackWomanScholar on YouTube was the 1st and only sub to respond so far! Thank-you girl!Check out her video response on my channel or on her channel!

Enjoy Episode 2 - This Fall Long Skirts (especially leather), are on trend for the season. I happened to find 3 in my closet so I definitely won't have to buy! What's in your closet?
I challenge you to Bring the Old Back!

I challenged all of my subscribers to go in their closets to find something old that they could bring back, and I want to thank "BlackWomanScholar" & "Splinta24" for sending in a Video Response! Check out what they found!
(sorry I couldnt share BlackWomanScholar's so go to her channel to check it out)

Splinta24 on YT

Thanks for Following!

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