Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spend It Good... Cocoa Jewelry Review

Cocoa Jewelry inside Shopper's Drugmart

Have you been to a Shopper's Drugmart Beauty Boutique?
These are the new concept Shopper's Stores that have a Beauty Section with High End Makeup like Urban Decay Cosmetics, Smashbox and Dior. The back of the department has a wall of Fragrances like Marc Jacobs, Prada and the entire Chanel collection; as well as Handbags, Pashminas Sunglasses and Jewelry.

When you are running to a special event, how many times have you stopped at Shopper's for a card, lipgloss or even pantyhose? Well you can get much more than that now and even collect Optimum points which you can turn into a credit when you need to replenish these items.

Cocoa Jewelry is the newest jewelry line to be carried in select Beauty Boutiques. I am a huge fan of the prices and the styles of Necklaces Bracelets Rings and Earrings. They do Home Jewelry Parties! For more information click Host a Cocoa Jewelry Party

If you don't have a Beauty Boutique near you, check out the website at to see what other retailers have the jewelry. Shipping is available in Canada for $10 and $15 for the United States. The prices are very affordable and I just love being able to buy them at Shopper's Drugmart!

Check out my Review on Cocoa Jewelry! It was a lot of pcs and I wanted to show you everything!

My Top 3
I narrowed it down to 3 "Must Haves" (not really lol) that you should pick up for Fall and the Holiday Season from the Cocoa Jewelry Collection. All of these pcs can be worn with a casual outfit or dressed up!

Jewel Studded Ring $18

Multi Chain Drop Stone Necklace $30

Black & Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet $40

Nancy D'Onofrio is the owner of Cocoa Jewelry!

She has amazing style and it was wonderful to have her personally pick these pcs for me! Wardrobe Stylists and Fashionista's if you want good quality jewelry that is affordable, you will love the site!

The Black and Rhinestone Cuff was seen last night after Jersey Shore!
Cocoa Jewelry on MTV Last Night!

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