Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spend It Good... My $9.97 Gap Dresses!

During the Summer I purchased 2 dresses from the Gap that were original Price $98 reduced to $9.97. I love the bottom of the dress so I bought them knowing that I could reconstruct them later. I was very inspired by a picture of the Beautiful Feather Dress and so with a party to go to, I grabbed scissors, Black thread, a needle, and a belt that needed to be repaired.
The Skirt had no opening, but because it of the stretch in the belt. I was able to slip into it like a bandage skirt. I only recommend this for a one time wear lol. I took mine to my seamstress and she put a zipper in it and she also made the waist a little more snug.

My girl Lia Cocoa had made me the lace top (shown in my Shop your closet video), my jewelry was Cocoa Jewelry from my "Cocoa Jewelry Review.

 I did black tights ( I usually wear opaque black)
and these Guess Patent Black Platforms that I picked up for about $30 at Winners!

Watch the video to see me transform this dress and for an Outfit of the Night!


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