Monday, September 5, 2011

Spend it Good... Fall Trend Shopping!

When I do my YT videos, I try to do videos that always teach something... After carrying aroun the 09/11 issue of Elle, I decided to share my love of Magazines and how I use them to shop.

So I always start by buying a few mags, and then I stick with the one that I can't travel without. This month it's the September issue of Elle.

My copy is trashed... I have been carrying it around so much that I'm starting to lose pages. I put post it notes on everything I love, and then I get a glass of wine and report to my closet to have a "throw down" Seriously!

During this "Throw down" I pull every pc out that matches the trend etc. I really do throw it all down and then seperate everything into groups. Then I decide what I use during this season. From there, I go back to my mag and write down all of the items that I don't have. These become the priority intstead of buying cheap, sale or on impulse.  Elle is a great guide for Fall Shopping and even offers beautiful creatives that give so much inspiration.  Check out the video and stay tuned for a lookook on Fall trends!


Press Play! Here is Part 2! Get a pen! You are going to want to write some of these tips in your Agenda!

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