Saturday, October 1, 2011

Step Out In Style- My Custom Studded Vest

Have you seen the new Keshia Chante video "Shooting Star"? Well check out the video below and subscribe to Keshia's Channel for updates on what she's working on! She also does these really cute VLogs when she's traveling etc. The video was styled by the amazing brother Donovan Whyte, so RSVP provided some of the jewelry for the shoot like the earrings she is wearing in the 1st scene. I customized a Denim vest that was used on Keshia for the shoot:

I took this brand new denim vest that I wasn't wearing, removed the sleeves and added studs. The studs that I used are large gold, black, and silver, and this only took about 40mins to put together.

Check out Keshia's new video! Check out the vest!

Here is a closeup of the Vest:

Stylist Donovan Whyte on set with Keshia Chante

Check out Keshia's website!

Keisha was interviewed on set and it Aired today on the Oh So Cosmo Channel. She is so beautiful, smart and talented!

If you missed the interview, here it is below:

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  1. Great Job! I love it...let me see if I can find an old denim jacket to cut and stud up:)Keisha has really grown up!