Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Step Out in Style... The New "Shakira" LFW T27/613/B2

What a great Thanksgiving Weekend!I went to Warner on Sunday Night and it was great because I was in research mode... I reviewed Kalore's Shakira Lace Front Wig in a new length, and colour!

Check out the video below! I wore the Wig on Sunday night so that I could include pics for the video. Let's just say that in the club it was hard to read on faces whether or not people liked it, but I got a ton of compliments from so many girls that night! Thanks Diva's!

Check out kalore.ca to order the Shakira wig in T27/613/B2. These synthetic Lace Fronts are $50, and they come with a Brush and pair of eyelashes!

As I said in the video, this is one of my favorite Wigs in the Kalore LFW Collection. My "go to" Wig in the Collection is Brittany and then Shakira! Once you get to know this wig you can style it in so many different ways that you will be happy that you have it! It can be dressed up, and you will find yourself wearing it on your more casual days as well

Here is the breakdown of the Outfit that I wore on that night with my New Wig! I recently blogged about the vest that I am wearing and I am taking orders for customized vests like this one!

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