Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spend it Good...A Mini Haul & Style Session + Kimbella Rocks My Fave Necklace!

If you tuned in to Love & Hip Hop Season 2 last week, you would have seen Kimbella rock a very familiar necklace in the scene where she meets Chrissy for the 1st time. (2nd time according to Kimbella lol)

I started selling these necklaces a while ago, and now it's finally hit Tv! I told you Diva's "The Bigger the Brighter the more Bling the Better" this season! I always rock this necklace with a tank to clubs and you can see them in many of my NYC Hauls.

I love them! There are many different versions and colours!

Hit Me up if you are you would like to order one!
rsvpgrp@gmail.com Paypal Only!

Check out my haul! You will never believe all the clothing I found for around $100!
Value Village, an $11 store on Queen St, and more fabulous finds!

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