Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Step Out in Style...My Favorite Sunglasses!

Saturday Night with Sophia:
  • Listen to Music (I'm always streaming Hot97) or CD's
  • Bottle of something good
  • My Diva Room
  • My Camera
This past Saturday I had a date with Wale. I listened to his new CD Ambition and it was good from start to finish. When I'm thinking of ideas for videos, I try to think outside the box. I have so many ideas and tips to share; and I try to make videos that are creative and fun. The most popular videos on my channel are wig reviews, styling sessions and Favorites. I've shown Favorite jackets, belts and shoes and so I decided to show sunglasses. These are a few of my favorite pairs, some are old some are new and I love and wear them all.

The Wale song "Slight Work" featuring Big Sean had me jammin in my Diva Room and that was my Saturday Night!


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    Thanks for sharing...

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