Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Check out Clarice Gomes Baker.. Designer of my Banners!

My Channel Page on YT has a New Look! Talk about a hookup!! I met Clarice Gomes in the summer and as soon as we met we hit it off instantly! I was looking for someone to do my Banners and Business cards; and as always I looked for someone to do an illustration that was different from what I was seeing on YT. I also wanted to make sure that I can use this image in the future as part of my Branding so we worked together and I am extremely happy with the results!

She is so cute and she looks like me!!!

She did an amazing job and she is currently working on my Business Cards. Here are a few screen shots from my page where you can see the gorgeous Banners up on my YouTube Page:

Clarice did an awesome job I'm sooo happy with her work!
If you are looking for Business Cards or Banners for your YouTube Channel shes really quick too!
Thanks Clarice!

Thanks for Following!

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