Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree...

On Wednesday I popped into Walmart and while picking up a Birthday Gift, I saw a PURPLE Christmas Tree!! I googled coloured trees for a few days and narrowed it down to the Walmart Tree. I really wanted the Bouclair Feather Tree but I will get that one when I have a house big enough for 2 Trees.
Bouclair Feather Tree $199

I went to Walmart today to pick the other one up and I was impressed! They had aisle after aisle of Christmas Decorations and the prices were amazing.
My Colours for work are purple and I love the Samples that we give out so much that I decided to decorate my tree with a few! As a little holiday token for visiting me during  the Holidays; each and every guests can pick a Deluxe Sample from my tree! I thought of this because of the colours and because there are actual cosmetic ornaments in stores. They looked beautiful on the purple tree and all I have to do is replace them from Time to Time.  I also new it would be a great profile pic for my work phone lol.

The Tree was $88 at Walmart and comes pre-lit. Its purple and black but is a completely different shade of purple when the lights are on. Its 6"5 tall and comes in 3 parts (takes about 5 mins to assemble) I really like it!


 I made a skirt for underneath the tree with 2 of the panels that I bought in Brooklyn for $5 each. This came in handy, it had ties so I didn't have to damage them!
 This Tree is amazing lightweight and easy to handle on your own! The most work on this tree is seperating all the branches and making it look full

My most popular sample "All Nighter" 16hr Setting Spray will make a few of my guests wild this 


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