Sunday, January 8, 2012

Step Out in Style... New Year, New Looks

After a week of vacation from work and social networking, I'm ready to stop dragging my butt around the house. Time to get back to the real world...I've been stuck in Charming with Jax and the other Sons of Anarchy.Do you remember the episode of Sex and The City when Miranda and Steve went away to the cabin for their honeymoon? Miranda had a hard time staying away from the phone, computer and everything. In my absence from YT, so many videos have been uploaded. I have to catch up on all my faves; but I am def going to stick to my video schedule and upload 1 video every week or every other week.

I am going to post more outfits on the blog so check daily! Instead of my usual routine, post video and then pics, I'm trying it the other way around. Post pics and sum it up with  a video!

Here are my First Outfits of the year!

The Perfect outfit for shopping! Headband American Apparel $17

The Tunic was very cheap from Winners under $20 and the Liquid Leggings are from American Apparel

The boots were a gift from my bro and they are from Browns Shoes $139.99

My Bay is a soft leather bag w/studs from BCBG

I love this outfit it's so comfy and also perfect for running errands etc.
Sweater Dress with Gold Stud Detail Joe Fresh $39.99

You could do leggings or opaque tights with this sweater dress depending on the season
For very cold citys add leg warmers and/or arm warmers

My Necklace Cocoa Jewlery $40(w/matching earrings)
Fireball bracelet $20 Cocoa Jewelery

This bag is a Bloomingdales Purchase from 7 years ago in Soho
Juicy Couture Metallic Gold Leather Bag $179

The ultimate "Spend it Good" deal! After searching high and low I managed to get my hands on these Joe Fresh leather over the knee boots that were on clearance for $49! Holla

Here is the video!
Stay Tuned for more looks next week!

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