Friday, February 10, 2012

If you see me when you're on the Subway... Yes it's me!

On December 11 I was asked to participate as a "Chef" in an Ad Campaign for TVOntario! (TV Ontario is an Ontario Television Network). The shots were of medium to large-sized interest groups, paired with TVO programming topics (such as legalizing marijuana, assisted suicide, and the Arab Spring). 

That's me bottom row #3

This was my first shoot with The amazing Photograper Chris Buck (Born and raised in Toronto). Chris is extremely talented, and has a client list that includes: Microsoft, IBM. Citibank, GQ Esquire, and New York Times Magazine!

Check out Chris' amazing work at

The Ads will appear all over Toronto, and mostly in the Subways!

It was a great day! The shoot was short, and everyone on set was amazing!
The first call that I got was to be a Police Officer, but then they changed their minds and cast me as a Chef on the issue of "Genetically Modified Food"
Pretty cool actually:)
To see the photos behind the scenes with Chris Buck, and to read the full story: click on the link below:

Chris Buck Thanks for the Front Row!:)

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