Friday, February 24, 2012

My "Briitany" Wig by Kalore....Another Tip for my Diva's!

A few months ago I picked up the bendable curling rods from the local BSS.

I tried them on my Human Hair Full Lace by Kalore, and loved the result. The only issue I had, is that I hate putting product in my Full Lace, so the curls don't hold that long. It ends up like a beach wave.

In most of my videos I wear my hair straight with a part in the middle. When my hair is like that I'm either wearing the Kalore "Brittany" LFW (Lace Front Wig) or the Kalore Indian remy Full Lace Straight. I decided to try the Rods on the Brittany, a High Temperature Fibre wig by heating the hair and setting it with the Rods overnight.

While flat ironing the hair I did notice that the hair only takes about 10 minutes to set, but I left it overnight because I did it on a mannequin.

I have a few of these mannequins because they are easier to style my wigs on. They have a lazy susan at the bottom so it spins around as well

I use a T3 Flatiron that I got from Sephora
A T3 Set of Heat Resistant Combs for parting
Clips to Pin Sections
Kalore Brushes
SIlken Child leave in Detangler

Thanks for following!

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