Thursday, March 22, 2012

As Promised... A preview of what to expect at the Designer Shoe Warehouse Petite Feet Sale!

I went to the Designer Shoe Warehouse to see how they get ready for the Petite Feet Sale! What a great experience! There is so much preparation for this sale; Shout outs to all of the Staff that I met today! I've been planning this video for months, I've been dying to share the experience! I really wanted to do this video because when I posted my last Video showing all of the shoes that I got at the last sale, many subbies said that they didn't know about the it or they didn't receive the email! Now you know in advance! Watch the video to see a few pairs that wil be there!

Please lock me up in this Truck full of Sam Edelman Shoes... Please?
2 Warehouses full of shoes are being tied and packed right now for the Sale on April 5th!

These Fergie shoes are sick!!! Hello!!!

Lindsay!!! Love you girl thanks for letting us see!!

To see what I got at the last sale watch my previous Petite Feet Video:

Thanks for Following! See you there!


  1. I can't believe I haven't even been to ONE Petite Shoe Sale! My boyfriend lives so close to the Markham one too. Definitely going there once it comes in May.

    1. That's good then it was good that I did a video right? Thanks do much for your comment! Love your blog!