Friday, March 30, 2012

Spend it Good... Trendy Pcs for $10.99 in Toronto?

I have blogged about the $10.99 store before, but when I went to pick up a few things last week they let me film! I was so happy because I've been recieving a lot of emails from my subs saying they can't find the store! I took my camera to Queen St and filmed in front of the store so that you guys can finally find the deals! Let's keep it real, everything is $10.99! You are not allowed to "Try on" the merchandise! Customers that have never shopped at ModeStar are quite shocked be this lol. Ive been Shopping at stores like this in NYC for years, it's nothing new. Mass quantities trendy items; if you are on a budget like me you can make these pcs work!

Look at all the Bright Colours! Watch the video and save this one to your Favorites!
There will be a follow up to this video! I went back the next day and found lot's more!
Stay Tuned!

Below are the 3 items I picked up but I did get more so stay tuned for a video about Colour Blocking!

This is all the stuff the I got when I went back the next day lol...

Many Outfits of the Day and Night to come!:)

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