Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spend it Good... Designer Shoe Warehouse Petite Feet Sale!

I love my shoes!!! All of the Shoe excitement started when Petite Feet let me into the warehouse before the sale...In this video I showed you a preview of what was going to be at the sale...

Now watch this video to see the selection!!! They did not disappoint! When I walked in the door my sister in law was on her way out with 6 pairs (That's low for her she bought 22 last year) lol. I was once again amazed and excited by the amount of size 10s they had!
This is the first time that attended the Airport sale, I usually do the Markham Fairgrounds because it's close, but it was REALLY worth the drive....

This sale is Amazing! Believe me you don't want to miss the next one!
Here are a few of my choices the 2 Sales that I went to this year:

These Sam Edelman Novato (L) were the main shoe on my list because I posted about them recently. I wanted the Black but they didn't have my size but "oh well" they had them in Pink & Gold Holla!! Even better! The pair in the middle and the Bronze Platforms are Jessica Simpson and they were $60 each! I went to the Bay last Saturday, and these are New Arrivals priced from $135 and up.

I hope you noticed that mirror, obviously the shoes look like there are way too many, but there are just enough lol. There was such an amazing selection of Sandals, Shoes, and Pumps and lots of bigger sizes too.

The  Booties are from BCBG. These were orinally $355 in the stores and I found them here!!
The Sam Edelman "Larissa" is still the most wanted shoe at the Petite Feet Sale!

The Best Part about the Sale was meeting some of my Subbies!
I met Maureen, Alfia and Precious and that was the best feeling ever!!

Who's coming to meet me at the next Sale?

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