Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spend it Good... Another Shopping Haul!

I didn't think that I would be doing another shopping haul so soon after  doing that huge Collective Haul last week; but I had to go scan the merchandise in a few of the stores again to ensure that I didn't miss any other deals.
Check out a few more deals that I found in Winners, Modestar and Mendocino:

Here are the Blouses that I showed in the video. They were missing 1 button each so I decided that I didn't like the buttons they came with and purchased new ones down the street from the store

I absolutely love the detaiil on the shoulder and the fit

Next I picked up this White camisol with open back

This BCBG Dress is an amazing fit and is still available if you look in Toronto!

Perfect for a Night out at the Club!

Blouses - Modestar $10 each (buttons were $.75 each I bought 12)
Chanel Jumbo Inspired Bag - Winners $29.99
White Cami w/open back - Modestar $10.99
Black BCBG Dress - Winners $69.99
Metallic Skirt - Mendocino $25
Blazers - Modestar $10 each colour
Galaxy Print Dress - Modestar $10.99


  1. the open back top is gorgeous! love <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. so nice! i love the white camisol. so feminine. :) here is my blog, though i'm just starting: