Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spend it Good... Designer Shoe Warehouse Sale "Petite Feet"

It's that time again Ladies! Did you notice that Ive cut down on my Shoe Shopping in 2012? LOL I've been patiently waiting each Petite Feet Sale so that I get the best deal on some of my Favorite Brands. Sam Edleman, Vince Camuto and BCBG are usually at the top of my list when I hit the sale!

When I went on the first day it was packed as usual, but the great thing is...
It's WOMEN and it's SHOES! Petite Feet is the only Warehouse Sale that I've ever been to that doesn't limit the amount of people in the doors etc. Not being able to get the shoes would change the mood for sure!:) Instead it's fun because you meet a lot of people and no one is stressed "Shoes for Everybody"!

Check out my interview with Larry Gladstone, who you always see at the Sale on the Mic, Interacting with all the Customers, and giving great service alongside an 
Amazing Staff!

Me and all my girls are hooked on the Sale and make it an actual "Ladies Day" when we can!  Here is huge shoutout to all my Friends that came out to this Sale too!

Nancy D'Onofrio
Natalie Allamani
Marsha Harvey
Angelle Bayouk and cuz xoxo
Toni Daley

Now, let's get to the Shoes... What did I buy?


I was in need of flats! You know when you have heels, and sandals, and nothing in between?
I was really happy to pick these up!

These were all Black and embellished and lovely! Some of my YT Girls scooped some of these amazing pairs as well!

My Sis-in -law is a long time customer of this Sale! These are her finds! For those of you that haven't seen it, we have a video together and she shows a preview of her
Amazing Shoe Collection:

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