Saturday, July 14, 2012

Living Life... I'm in the Toronto Star today!

When Derick Chetty Fashion Reporter for the Toronto Star calls, you answer on the first ring...
I may not have a million sucbcribers, but knowing that the people like Derick are watching my videos... makes me feel great about where I am in a sea of Youtubers when I'm a small fry who started with no experience!

Derick had seen one of videos where I changed my hair 7 times and asked me all about my wig collection, why I wear them etc. I had a fantastic time at Star studios shooting 7 different looks with Richard Lautens and Fredis, my makeup artist.

Enjoy the behind the scenes video!

I have a natural fro pretty much that I keep braided under my wigs. After relaxing my hair for 23 years I quit because of the damage, and I hate weaves only because of the process. I like doing everything at home so I watched youtube and picked up several tips and even came up with a few of my own!

1. Woolite for washing synthetic wigs
2. Morrocan oil combed through the wig after shampoo revives your wig
3. Yes you can curl synthetic hair I will include a video below
Shakira LFW in colour T27/613/B2 by
(I permanently straightened this wig it comes like the one below)
Shakira in colour #613 by

Febulous n colour 4/27 from Clore Beauty Supply

Kalore Indian Remy 20" Full Lace Human Hair

Rihanna by

Wig Quti from Clore Beauty Supply

Brittany by

The wigs are are Lacefront or Full Lace accept Quti
Check out Clore Beauty Suppy it's my favorite store to buy all my hair and and some makeup
Big Shout out to the Staff at Clore for helping me pick out my wigs for the shoot!

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