Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Step Out in Style... A Casual Outfit of the Day

I dress up everday for work and a lot of the time I work weekends too. When I'm off I want to be casual and comfortable, and that's when I pull out the Fitted and the 5411's

This is usually what I wear when I'm shopping in NYC especially the first day! I have to post the pics later (still having server issues) enjoy the video in the mean time!

NY Fitted - Fulton Mall 2 for $50
Top - Zara  $15
Army Print Jeans - Dr.Jays $19.99
Reebok Neon Pink 5411's - $45
Wrist Candy - Cocoa Jewelry
Michael Kors Inspired Watch - 5th ave Boutique $25
Necklace - Cocoa Jewelry

What do you wear when you want to shop but Casual?
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