Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Outfit of the Day 12-23-13

Hitting the stores after being on lock down because of the Ice Storm!
This casual outfit is perfect for shopping! I'm comfortable and I skipped all the layers so I'm not too hot while shopping!

Military Jacket H&M
Tshirt H&M
Jeans DIY (video on how to do this on the DiY page)
Bag Sam Edelman
Combat Boots Sam Edelman

Stay Tuned for my upcoming Hair Review from Glamour Weave USA
This is my unit I made with Glamour Weave Virgin Hair (video on the hair page) last year it still looks amazing 
5 Bundles 12" closure

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mini Haul and a DIY Preview!

Check out the deals I found ar Choie's and Winner's on Clearance!

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Outfit of the Day 12-17-13

Shop your Closet when you don't know what to wear!!! 
Cat Beanie EBay
Sweater Jessica Simpson
Layering dress BCBG
Tights Steve Madden
Boots Steve Madden 
Clutch Club Monaco
Hair Glamour Weave USA

Monday, December 16, 2013

Outfit of the Day 12-16-13

Today when you go out remember it's a stressful time for everyone. Do something nice while you are there in the shops because salespeople don't get treated very nicely at this time. Make someone's day better by:
Saying please and thank you 
Hold the door
Help a senior
Let someone ahead in line 
Dont fight for parking!

Shout out to everyone in retail! This week is gonna be rough! Do it with a smile as always!

Blazer BCBG
Dress BCBG
tights Target
Tote Sam Edelman 
Boots Browns Shoes The Wishbone Collection
Sunnies EBay
Hair Glamour Weave USA

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Goodies for your girl....

For your flygirl....

The most coveted Chanel Lucite Purse, Vita Fede bangles a little brocade... Ungaro and a sick pair a booties for the Holiday!

Skirt Blumarie
Shoes Casadei
Cuff Normitamy
Jacket Etro
Clutch YSL
Monkey Sweater 
Leather Trackpants 
Blue Faux Fur 
All from Alibaba.com
Boots Chanel
Scarf Alexander McQueen 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Outfit of the Day... 12-8-13

Running Errands today decided to go with my fave cheetah sweater, and Red Skinny Jeans. 
No Fuss, just a nice outfit that you can wear any day of the week..

Sweater Necessary Soho
Skinny Jeans Bedo Canada
Vest swap at my Closet Freak Sale
Boots Browns Shoes
Bag Sam Edelman 

High and Low Great Gifts for Men

I love a man in Neutrals. 
Jacket D&G
Hoodie Dior Homme
Fitted Vinnies NYC
Pants Dr. Jays
Shoes Hogan 
All available online 

Jacket Dr. Jays 
Scarf Dsquared
Top Vinnies NYC 
Pants Demobaza
Shoes Saint Laurent

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Outfit of the Day 12-5-13

I've been dying to wear this studded skirt and I haven't had a reason to dress up, so I thought I would wear it in a casual outfit of the day...
The skirt was $29 at choies.com, and it fits really well.
The boots are from Browns Shoes and the Brand is Wishbone. The bag is a real Zebra hair from Club Monaco that I've had for years.
The shirt was $10 from Modestar on queen st. The last time I went they had raised the price but there are still a lot of great trendy pcs.
Watch my Haul Videos below to see where else I got from Choies and Browns!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Outfit of the Day 12-3-13

Off to work! I love to pull out clothing and shoes that I've had for years! 
Jacket brand new American Eagle leather Jacket thrifted at the Salvation Army
Dress Zara
Bag Sam Edelman
Boots Carlo Pazolini

Pull out those old boots in the back of your closet and check the heel to see if it is still on trend! These boots are at least 6 years old, but right on trend!! The "stacked" heel is back for Fall/Winter

Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Style and shop for Belts

How do you buy Belts? I sometimes get comments on my videos about belting items that I show in Outfit of the Day and Lookbook Videos, but not everything looks good on me belted. I wanted to show you some of the basic belts that you should buy if you are trying to build your collection. I have bets for low and high waisted jeans, dresses and even some of my favorite coats. 

Outfit of the Day

Believe or not I did not hit the stores for the Black Friday Deals. I had to work! I go but went mall ready just in case... Check your local winners Clearance for the $15 Denim Jacket! #coppedthat!

Today's Outfit Details:

Denim Motorcycle Jacket with faux leather sleeves Winners
Black Jeans with Sequin Embellishment Bedo Canada
Top Zara
Over the knee Boots Nine West
Bag Sam Edelman
Hair KRS Hair Group

Outfit of the Day 12-2-13

Off to a meeting in a Pencil Skirt and long sleeve T! My All black ensemble needed a little edge so I added the belt for a little contrast, and the cheetah print shoes to make this look more interesting!

Top Smart Set
Belt Asos
Clutch Katie
Skirt Zara
Shoes Sam Edelman