Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Interior Design Show 2014 Toronto

I attended the Interior Design Show on Opening Night and it was such a great experience that I had to share! If you are a homeowner looking to upgrade, you will love my new series "Dress Up your Home"

I wanted to share some of the knowledge and tips that I've been getting while starting small renovations at home. My youtube channel is not changing, but I would like to expand on the type of Fashion I discuss so in that its not the same old hauls and lookbooks all year long. To keep it simple, remember this tip:
"The Difference between Delta Faucet at Home Depot and a Showroom, is like buying D&G vs Dolce & Gabbana" or "DKNY vs Donna Karan"

Buying Faucets, Fixtures and Furniture can be challenging if you don't know what to buy. It's easy to go to your local Home Depot or Big Box store, but this video is for you Divas that don't settle. High end Home Fashion is just as exciting as Luxury Clothing.
Chatting it up with Lisa Tant VP Fashion Editor Holt Renfrew
Checking out these amazing tiles, the Neutral tones with pattern are so beautiful

Vanity Insanity lol... 

Canaroma Glass Tub

With the Designer of the New American Standard DXV Collection Designer, and my Photograper Andrew M



What an amazing show! It is open to the Public, so if you are looking for Design Ideas, Inspiration to work on Dressing Up your Home, check it out! Most of the items shown in the video and on the blog are available through

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