Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Living Life... All Black Affair brought to you by Wayne Warner of

I had the pleasure of assisting my brother Donovan and Wayne Warner on the Ad Campaign for this year's most talked about event The All Black Affair. I have been to many of Wayne's parties over the years, but his decision this year to do it on December 26th was genius! How many years have you sat home with nothing to do the day after Christmas? You could attempt to line up and go through boxing day madness; but I think I will relax that day, sip some wine and decide.....
Herve Leger? or Roberto Cavalli?

Elegance, Class, Grown and Sexy.... Check out the pics below and click on the link on the last pic to go to directly to Warner's site for more information as well as an amazing Gallery of photos from some of his past events. This is is how we do it in the Tdot!

Do show up dressed to Kill...Paparazzi will be waiting

Check out the video to see what I wore last year....

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  1. Glad to know about this event and hope you enjoyed it a lot. Couple of months ago, I arranged the committee dinner at an amazing event space Chicago. Hired a famous party caterer and they prepared amazing food for this event.