Friday, May 27, 2011

Living Life... Update on Donovan the Stylist!

Thanks to everyone who recently sent emails asking about my brother Celebrity Stylist Donovan Whyte! It means so much that you guys are following him on the blog, and on Twitter! I've been so busy that I have not been assisting him in the last few months. This is why I haven't posted any behind the scenes footage of his recent projects! I caught up with him this week to find out what he's been working on:

Sophia: " The last time I saw you was for "The Warner Girl" Photo shoot, what's been going on since then? Any new projects?

Donovan: "I recently styled Down with Webster for their Music video which will air soon; and I am working with Roots Canada to design a Varsity Jacket for the rap rock band."

Sophia: "Wow! That's fantastic! Are you going to work with any other artists this summer?

Donovan: "I just finished working with Director X on a video for Lauren Elle "Accessories", and I worked with Keshia Chante for wardrobe in her new music video which was shot in Cuba". I also have a few exciting projects coming up this summer!

Thanks bro lol!

Follow Donovan on Twitter and get photos from the set when he's on location!!/DonovanWhyte

Check Out Lauren Elle's YouTube Channel, and check out the behind the scenes video of her new music video "Accessories" Director X, Styled by Donovan Whyte Subscribe to her Channel!

Donovan also worked on the set  of Rookie Blue Tv Show on June 2 with actress Enuka Okuma who plays Traci Nash on the show

Stay Tuned for an update to this post!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Step Out In Style.... Keep your Lace Fronts looking Fly!

I finally got a moment to do a quick video for you on how I care for my Lace Front Wigs! I'm sure that everyone out there has their own routine, but I shared mine because of all the questions and emails that I get on my channel! It's pretty straight forward, this regime works for me because I don't like to use oils, sheens sprays or anything in my wigs!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Step Out In Style... GMan Swag

I thought I would do a post about Swag because I really love that guy that has style and that isn't afraid to accessorize! Men just like women, can add to the basic items that they wear just by adding a little here and there....
The Black or White V... This is a staple for any guy, but looks like so much more than just a V when you layer beads, a gold or silver necklace or a Jesus Pc

Only Polo V's thanks...

Levis and a good belt

Polo Shoes

Accessories Matter! You can dress up the most basic items with "Man Jewellery"! A nice watch, Sunglasses, a little bling in your ears and lots of beads are hot right now!

Check out the RSVP Men Tab to see the Custom beads that I make!

Thanks for the pics GMan!

What do you think about the "White V Chronicles" ? Holla at me if your you and your people get in with the #Whitevchronicles trending topic on twitter!!/search?q=%23whitevchronicles

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spend It Good... Shopper's Drugmart Finds! & Outfit of the Day!

Today I was in the Shopper's Drugmart in Whitby, and I was blown away by the "High Fashion" Handbags that they started selling in the Beauty Boutiques! The bags start at $95-$195 and are real leather. The best thing about buying bags at Shopper's Drugmart; is that you can use your Optimum Card to buy it (20,000 pts), or you can redeem the points that you have to buy the bag! I did a post last month where I showed the first bag that I bought, (Inspired by the Hermes Birkin) and I saw a few more today.

 I fell in love with is perfect for jeans! Blue with fringes, studs and a little faux croc! $95

This purple suede and Patent handle bag is so lady like $195!


I love this Gold Hobo because the brushed gold will match anything! The woven detail is fantastic!

This black hobo has faux bamboo hardware, tassels and lambskin leather $95 this one is very Gucci inspired!

My Outfit of the Day!
Today I wore one of the dresses that I bought at Mystique in NYC! This is my favorite dress of all and it was only $25! I wore Hue black opaque tights, and Steve Madden boots.
Click on my YouTube Channel in the sidebar and check out my Style Sessions and Haul's!

The next time your in at Shopper's Drugmart, check out the Handbags and Jewellery!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Jewellery & My Newest Style Session!

Hi Everyone!

I finally got a moment to post so I wanted to post the follow up video to "My Trip to NYC" The Style Session that I promised, as well as some pics from the trip:
 I got some amazing jewellery when I was in NYC:

This necklace is my fave right now!


I bought all of my jewels in Manhattan. I love bling! & The bigger the better!

Here are some of the bangles and a Crystal & Gold Cuff that I got to go with my dresses...

I got 2 amazing necklaces, earrings and sunglasses that you will see when you watch the video in my last post. I even show you in the sunglasses that I got in Manhattan that are totally blinged out!



To see the some of the accessories and dresses on, check out the Style Session video below:

If you did not watch the "My NYC Trip Small Haul at the end", you should watch that video first!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spend it Good... My Trip to NYC!

My Diva's Road Trip was last in the last week of April and let me tell you, it was so much fun! We hit Woodbury Common first, and they had amazing deals but you had to look through the sales items! Some of the best deals that I saw were:
  • Uggs at the Ugg outlet all styles and lengths for under $120
  • Boyfriend jeans for $24.99 at the Levi's outlet
  • The Polo store had so many deals for women & men
  • DVF had the best designer sale
  • Saks & Neiman Marcus had that amazing sale with the colour coded markdowns
Check out the the video of our drive down and some of the other stores we shopped at:

One of the highlights of my trip was seeing some guys perform on the train. The people that live in New York probably get tired of seeing this everyday, but I enjoyed it because they were very talented, and they were trying to earn a living. Check out the video below:


Stay Tuned for my Style Session with the items that I bought!