Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do you know when to throw out your old makeup?

Recently I've had many conversations with clients about replacing their foundations. I met someone that used the same liquid foundation for 3 years and I was shocked! She really had no idea when to throw it out! This totally inspired myself and a fellow youtuber Marafy, to do a video about the Expiry of your Cosmetic products.

Check out Marafy's Makeup & Hijab Tutorials!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My First Outfit from the Huge Joe Fresh Haul!

2 weeks ago I posted  a Joe Fresh Haul! I found 7 beautiful items tops, shorts and more all for $107! I am working on getting the looks together and uploaded, here is the first one, a Business Casual Look. This is appropriate for meetings and my job, just be sure that shorts are part of your dress code at your work before trying it out!

So this outfit features the T-shirt with the sequins that was $9.95 and the Camel shorts $19.99; I had a lot of ppl ask me for work outfits, and I will do some more in the upcoming months!

If you haven't seen my Joe Fresh Haul, you can watch it on the right hand column of this page!
Enjoy the video and I hope this outfit is a nice change from the usual Blazer and pants/skirt!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spend it Good... Petite Feet Sale

Me and my girls hit the Petite Feet Sale this weekend and it was crazy! I went on Saturday at  9:30am thinking that it would be Petite Feet sizing only, and to my surprise there was a huge selection of 9.5, 10, and 10.5. I go between all 3 sizes because shoes styles vary.
On Saturday I picked up 2 pairs of Sam Edelman shoes

Sam Edelman "Lorna"
I had my eye on these last year at the first sale! Instead of $100 these were $50

Sam Edelman "Ulysa"
These I love! I love that they are Suede and Patent!

Check out My footage of the Sale!
If you have never been to a Petite Feet Sale you won't miss one after this!
No Lineups, and it gets crowded so I went at the opening!

I had so much fun at this sale! You should make the Spring Sale a girl's trip!
My US Followers it's perfect reason for a trip to Toronto!

Sam Edelman "Yasmine"
Great everyday Nude Pumps that go with everything!

Sam Edelman "Portney"
A Classic style that will add a pop to an All Black outfit!

Sam Edelman "Novato"
An open back version of my black pair that I got at Bloomies for $39!

Vince Camuto "Korsi"
I needed to upgrade my Patent shoes with a more grown up hidden platform

There is a method to my madness! It's only January and I've already done 2 Shopping Hauls! I put this collage together to show you how I shop! I did a Joe Fresh Haul last week, and I wasn't planning on Shopping this week! I'm glad that I got the email for Petite Feet because I was able to build on my Joe Fresh Haul. I can't wait to put  all the outfits together!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Magazine Collection

When it comes to Magazines, I'm addicted... No matter how savvy webzines and blogging gets, there's nothing like buying a fresh new Vogue, Flare or even a Life & Style for my Go Train rides.
I'm no Carrie, but I do have a collection of magazines that I love

Carrie's Magazines on Sex & The City

These Book shelves came from Ikea. This is a "Billy" Bookshelf I used a Label Maker to label these Magazine holders which are also from Ikea and very inexpensive. My collection here are my favorites over 10-15 yrs and to this day I still go back to many of them.

I also have a very special collection that I keep protected in my room on a special desk that I have. This is a collection of Magazines that mean a lot to me; who knows they may be worth some $ one day!

I loved Suede Magazine when it was out! I saved every issue I had fortunately, and I always go back! I love the cover stories and the amazing fashions this magazine had.
Look how beautiful the covers are! If you haven't read them, doesn't this cover draw you in?

I have a collection of Hip Hop Magazines with Classic Covers like Jayz, Lil Kim and so many others from back in the day.

These Vogues are most Favorite! I have 2 copies of Black Vogue... I still haven't read through it lol...

 I love Vogue so much that I buy Vogue India, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italy and few more

Arise is one of my new Faves, I picked this up on a trip to Ottawa and this is my favorite cover.

What am I reading now?

Vogue Fashion is amazing it gives you great history of Fashion, trends etc; and Bazaar's Personal Style Guide Is great for wardrobe building, and gives you the tools for finding your own personal style.
I go back to all my my magazines to look at trends for many of my projects. I do purge, but only once a year lol. These magazines give me a lot of inspiration and are great to look at when you want to go back in time and remember some of your favorite outfits!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Step Out in Style... Date Night Outfit!

Part of the reason why I don't do OOTD's and OOTN's is because I don't have time to film them. I'm always rushing out the door, but I'm getting better!Here is an Outfit of the Night that I wore for a night out with my Hubby:

Fur Coat - BCBG
Blouse - Club Monaco
Sequin Shorts - Club Monaco
Tights - Anna Sui
Shoes - Sam Edelman

This Fur Coat sold for more than $500 instore, I got it at the outlet for $150


The Blouse was $198. It was a splurge! It's delicate and has tiny swarovski crystals sewn on the front and sleeves

These shorts are amazing! They were on sale for $49 and they are 100% Silk and Sequins! I love...

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What do you wear when you go Shopping?

I've don't LOVE trying on clothes.I'm the type that shops in stores that give a full refund and/or exchange so the size is not usually that big an issue unless I'm shopping Designer or Vintage. One of my friends told me how much she hated fitted rooms the other day; and it made me think back to my retail days. I remembered that my customers that hated trying on clothes were usually NOT dressed for trying on clothes. Wearing big heavy things that make shopping miserable really ruins the experience.I did this quick video (less than 2 mins) to show you how you can make shopping fun again by dressing for the occasion! Here is a simple outfit that everyone can put together for a day of pounding the pavement! Find the same 8 basic items in your closet and you are ready to go!

Jacket - BCBG
Gloves - Club Monaco
Long Sleeve T - Smartset
Leggings - Zara
Boots - Browns Shoes

Earrings, Bag and Sunglasses are RSVP I sell through Paypal
Inbox me for more info

Sophia's Beauty Tidbits... Quick Tuesday Eyes!

What to do with Naked 2?
Where do we start?
You can achieve so many looks!

I get a lot of requests for Makeup Tutorials and because I do makeup almost everyday; I really want to focus on Styling on my YT Channel. I do want to share little tips and pics of looks that achieved easily with the right products. With all the Naked 2 comparisons and tutorials already online, I will share small BeautyTidbits like this simple Brown Smokey Eye

*Prime lids w/UD Primer Potion (always)
1. Smoke your crease using "Busted"
2. Use "Snakebite" all over the lid and blend outward
3. Pop a little "Blackout" into the outercornerand blend into the crease
4. Highlight your brow bone with "Bootycall"
5.Finish this look with a great mascara like UD "Supercurl"
6. Lashes are optional... (I love my little lashes lol)
7. Line lower lashline with "Busted" or "Blackout"

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Step Out in Style... New Year, New Looks

After a week of vacation from work and social networking, I'm ready to stop dragging my butt around the house. Time to get back to the real world...I've been stuck in Charming with Jax and the other Sons of Anarchy.Do you remember the episode of Sex and The City when Miranda and Steve went away to the cabin for their honeymoon? Miranda had a hard time staying away from the phone, computer and everything. In my absence from YT, so many videos have been uploaded. I have to catch up on all my faves; but I am def going to stick to my video schedule and upload 1 video every week or every other week.

I am going to post more outfits on the blog so check daily! Instead of my usual routine, post video and then pics, I'm trying it the other way around. Post pics and sum it up with  a video!

Here are my First Outfits of the year!

The Perfect outfit for shopping! Headband American Apparel $17

The Tunic was very cheap from Winners under $20 and the Liquid Leggings are from American Apparel

The boots were a gift from my bro and they are from Browns Shoes $139.99

My Bay is a soft leather bag w/studs from BCBG

I love this outfit it's so comfy and also perfect for running errands etc.
Sweater Dress with Gold Stud Detail Joe Fresh $39.99

You could do leggings or opaque tights with this sweater dress depending on the season
For very cold citys add leg warmers and/or arm warmers

My Necklace Cocoa Jewlery $40(w/matching earrings)
Fireball bracelet $20 Cocoa Jewelery

This bag is a Bloomingdales Purchase from 7 years ago in Soho
Juicy Couture Metallic Gold Leather Bag $179

The ultimate "Spend it Good" deal! After searching high and low I managed to get my hands on these Joe Fresh leather over the knee boots that were on clearance for $49! Holla

Here is the video!
Stay Tuned for more looks next week!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Living Life... Welcome 2012!

What a great way to start the New Year! Ian's party is what we decided on and the music by Dj Starting from Scratch and P Plus had me on the dancefloor getting down all night!!!
Unfortunately I didnt get to do an OOTN, but I got a few pics of the me and the boys!

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