Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Living Life... On the Move Blake Talent Agency Shoot

Monday August 29, 2011
Today I did makeup for Blake Talent Management, and our first New Shoot was amazing!
We shot 3 upcoming Toronto  actors and I got the chance to work with Photographer AJ Messier, a very well known Photographer in Toronto.

We shot Greg Da Silva, Maddie and Jordyn and the final shots are availablenow if you click on AJ's website! Here are a few pics that we took on the set:

There was a point where the crew was laughing so hard that I started to tear up!

Check out AJ's "Tears of Joy" shots on his blog at the link below, and his website for the final photos of all the Actors

Greg Da Silva is one to watch! What a great guy!
Follow Greg on Twitter!
You know how it goes with Toronto Actors!
Here today Hollywood tomorrow!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Living Life... Billy Da Barber

I went to a BBQ yesterday and it was such a great vibe... You know when everyone is happy and the music and food is great, everyone just jammin? Yes that's the type of BBQ it was! So I'm just sitting there and I here all the cheering in the background, and these guys are freestylin in the back. You know like that scene from "Love and Basketball? It was like that everyone crowding around having a great time.
Billy Da Barber, is an actual Barber that rhymes. He had everyone going in the place hype and I was lucky to catch a little bit of it on my camera.
Enjoy, Toronto is full of talent! Thanks for the vid Billy!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Step Out in Style... Celebrity Stylist Donovan Whyte

Do you really want to Step Out in Style?

Donovan Whyte is the Stylist that will take you to that next level.
Donovan is currently represented by Judy Inc

If you are an Artist, Director, Producer, and you are looking for a Wardrobe Stylist check out Donovan's Portfolio on Judy Inc's website!
There are more than 5 Books online that include Ad, Creative & Print
Don't forget to check out the Celebrity section to see the great people Donovan has worked with.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spend it Good... My Human Hair Full Lace Wig Review

I finally had the chance to finish filming my review of Kalore's 2 Full Lace Wigs. These are the 2 wigs that I get the most emails about and believe me they are investments! The wigs retail on for $300 and for me, they were well worth the money! I am so happy with these wigs that I have started to wear them everyday instead of only for special occasions. In the video, I will show you the wigs and tell you how apply them, I even show you the first wig that I've had for more than a year and it is in mint condition!
$300 might be a lot to spend on a wig for some, but I always tell people to live within their means. It's important to buy in your price range and that's why Kalore is great. They offer 3 different price points and all the wigs deliver on quality.

Enjoy! Visit to order

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Living Life... The highlight of My Trip to NYC

When I went to New York at the end of July, I had the chance to meet up with 2 of my fave girls to watch on YouTube! I met Jackie from "Jacqidollhouse" Channel, and Fash from "Lover4Fashion" Channel.These girls are a blast! We had a great time, we had lunch, and shopped in Manhattan.

 Sadly Fash had to fly back the next day, it was Jackie's Birthday at Room Service that night! While I was in NYC I posted pics of us from the club, that were on "All the"; but here is some footage from the party!
Don't forget to check my girls out!
youtube/user/jacquidollhouse to watch Jackie's Channel

youtube/user/lover4FASHION to watch Fash's Channel


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Step Out in Style.... "Bring the Old Back"

If you haven't seen the video of me finding my DVF dress, you must check out this video! It's a cute story of what NOT to do a the Dry Cleaners!

The Story with my DVF Dress inspired me to go back into the closet and see what I have before I start throwing money at the new Fall items that are tempting me in the stores! I uploaded Episode 2 this morning! I was able to find even more old items that I could rock this season! I originally wanted to do this video every Tuesday, but I was hoping for a better response from my Diva's! I will still do it but maybe once per month!

BlackWomanScholar on YouTube was the 1st and only sub to respond so far! Thank-you girl!Check out her video response on my channel or on her channel!

Enjoy Episode 2 - This Fall Long Skirts (especially leather), are on trend for the season. I happened to find 3 in my closet so I definitely won't have to buy! What's in your closet?
I challenge you to Bring the Old Back!

I challenged all of my subscribers to go in their closets to find something old that they could bring back, and I want to thank "BlackWomanScholar" & "Splinta24" for sending in a Video Response! Check out what they found!
(sorry I couldnt share BlackWomanScholar's so go to her channel to check it out)

Splinta24 on YT

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Spend it Good.... Major End of Summer Shopping Haul

I recently went to NYC and hit up some of my favorite stores there to see what the end of Summer Sales have left to offer, I did the same thing when I got back to Toronto and I found some amazing deals!

Jewels - I buy all my Jewellery Wholesale in Manhattan NYC. There are many places that you can buy jewellery in the wholesale area, but I have narrowed it down to 1 store! Which shall remain nameless! I have searched for the best price, minimums and selection; and it has taken 2 years, so don't take it personal when I don't share the name of that store. I will say that there are many stores that sell some of the same things in the same area, so you can find some of the items if you look like I did! you will see all the jewels in the video

Shoes & Sandals -The Best deal in NYC was the Sam Edelman shoes that I got at Bloomingdales, Nine West has deals in Toronto righ now and boy did I up my sandals game for $50!

Clothing - I only picked up small clothing items because all of the stores were in transition from Summer to Fall. I still got some great deals so Enjoy!

My Favorite Perfumes....

I did a post on a few Summer fragrances at the beginning of the season, but I decided to do a Collection Video because I got great deals on fragrances in the last 2 months. I had so much perfume that I got rid of some last month! I had a garage sale (which I will report on later), so I sold them even some that only had a few sprays left in the bottle! How?

I put all 25-30 fragrances and lotions in a Basket and priced them from .50 - $1.75! hahaha! The first customer picked up 2 bottles for $1, and then left. The 2nd customer saw the value in Dolce & Gabbana and bought the whole basket! About 1 hour later the 1st one came back! (after taking the perfumes home and relaizing the brands she was sent back to get more by her daughters) I made $40 roughly for stuff that was just sitting in my closet gathering dust!

Here's the collection after it's been minimized! I;m so much happier with the collection now. I just have to add some favorites:
  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
  • Maison Martin Marjiela L'eau
  • Creed Spring Flowers
Enjoy the video! Atomizers are on sale right now at Shoppers for $9.99

  • Keep your Fragrances in a dark place
  • Layer your Fragrances with the Body Lotions and Shower Gels that they come with (scent will last much longer)
  • Put the fragrance on your pressure points
  • Spray the perfume into the air, and walk through the perfume cloud

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caribana Parade 2011

Every year I go to the parade with hubby and we hang out watch the floats, and chill with friends for the day... You may have heard about all the violence that happened; but I was at the parade for 5 hours 3-8 and did not know about the sad events until leaving the grounds after everything had happened...

On a more positive note, my opinion is Caribana is what you make of it! I take advantage of seeing old friends that I haven's seen for years, and the costumes and floats are always fun to watch. The best for me since going as a kid was watching the crowd go wild when a Hip Hop or Reggae float goes by!

Here are a few clips and pics of me and my fam hanging out at the parade...
Me & Lil Sis got the printed leggings! Perfect for a day of walking around in the sun, and so comfortable!

Enjoy the vid!

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My Favorite DJ Mo Betta from Brooklyn

I was in NYC during the last week of August and I always hang out with Mo Betta. Well Mo came to Toronto for Caribana this year, and the weekend was a Blast!!

Check out Mo's new Blog:

He played at an Amazing barbeque on the Sunday... Check out the pics and video:

Mo Played everything from House to Reggae, and he is well known for his Old School so it was a great night!

This barbeque is hosted annually by my good friend Allison, at her home in Ajax... Great BBQ girl!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Spend it Good... New Sneaker Hotspot in Brooklyn

1st let me bring you up to speed on the Fulton & Flatbush Shopping Strip:
The small mom & pop shops are being closed down, and many big box companies have opened on Fulton. In October they put up Aeropostale, and last week I noticed "Aldo Shoes" wow Aldo! I don't shop there but I am happy that a Canadian owned retail chain is doing so well in the United States.

New Sneaker Hotspot:
Red Carpet
547 Fulton
Fulton and Bond
I love this new store! The concept is great and the space has a great vibe!


They have a secret room where they keep collectible sneakers

Gman was lovin the J selection but I think the Anaconda Air Force 1's were his favorite!


They had a sick Prada Collection as well! The Patent Leather is making a strong comeback for Fall


If you are headed to NYC for Fall Shopping check out Red Carpet and ask for "Ahmed" (beside me)

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