Thursday, January 27, 2011

Step Out In Style... Lia Coa'Coa Tulle Skirts

Have you ever tried finding a Tulle Skirt when it's not prom?

Tulle skirts are very hard to find in Toronto if it's not prom season or the holidays!
Nicki Minaj brought back the "Barbie" look which has made the Tulle skirt become popular again. I decided to find a designer that could make them special order for RSVP.

Lia Coa 'Coa is a friend of mine that has amazing sewing skills, and she has decided to partner with RSVP so that we can provide custom made clothing for Special occasions, Parties etc. We have started with the Tulle, but look out for her Lace Collection and her custom made formal dresses.

The Tulle skirts are made to measure, they take 2 weeks to make, and you can have almost any colour as long as the Tulle is available. Please email RSVP for a quote, two-tone skirts are also available.

Watch the latest video to see these outfits on! Enjoy

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dakota and Neah helping Divas...

Hi Ladies and Gents!
I am very excited to post my first story about

Dakota and Neah helping Divas!

A few months ago, I started out on YouTube and I didn't know anything about it! I watched a few Divas doing their thing, and started uploading.

One night I was watching TV and all of a sudden, I started getting emails from new subscribers (like 100 emails in 1hr). I asked someone how they found out about my channel only to find out that I received a shout out from one of the very Divas that I watched before joining YouTube.


She didn't know me and gave me a shout out so that her followers would follow me.

Dakota and Neah Helping Divas
Is a new segment that I am doing starting today to do my part to help friends and followers achieve their goals. There are so many contests and online voting polls happening now, that we could help a sista dominate when we vote and enter in masses. The problem is sometimes we find out too late or we don't find out at all. With all the social networking that we have today, we can "tell a friend" who will "tell a friend" and then we vote in masses to help that person win! Stay tuned for more information in my next video!

Vote! Contest closes March 31st!

With all the people that you know and I know and SongbirdDiva4Life knows
How can she not win?

This is a direct link for you to vote for her!

She truly deserves to win the Black Opal Contest

Sunday, January 16, 2011

RSVP Style Session "Outfit of the Day"!

I should have posted this first because I filmed it at the beginning of the week. One of the fun trends on YouTube is showing your "outfit of the day" or "outfit of the night". I like to watch these videos because you learn about different styles and you see how creative everyone is with their own personal style.

Here an my outfit of the day and it's casual and cozy! I went out for lunch around the way and put something simple together that would be comfortable on cold winter day.

Coat: BCBG
Pants: Club Monaco
Sweater: Zara
Bag/Clutch: RSVP
Boots: Burberry
Hat: Wet Seal
Bracelet: Links of London

Feel free to email me if you have an appointment or event and are not sure what to wear! I will give you ideas and help you mix up and renew your wardrobe!

RSVP Custom Design Sunglasses & Geeky glasses with Bling!

Here's a quick video of the new Geeky Glasses and a sample from my Summer Collection... The Black Glasses are Lady Gaga inspired and they sold before I could post this story; I can make a similar design again but it would be slightly different.
( watch it in Full screen for Annotations so that you can see what I am saying)

Here are the Close-ups! I will do better ones I literally just finished them and took the pics right away!


These glasses have Swarovski, elements, pearls, beads, crystal hot fix, and flatbacks
order 2 weeks in advance
The are no spaces black beads are used also

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Party it up! What I'm doing this year Part 3

Part Three:


I have been missing out for sure! Vegas has never been my cup of tea due to the fact that I find casinos sooooo boring! The idea of losing money that I could spend on a deal at a slot machine is weird to me with all the great shopping around the casinos!

Getting the girls together for a weekend trip is on my list for sure! Miami or Vegas, I will see you sometime May!

The other options are...

MIA Memorial Day Weekend
ok don't laugh I love Beach week in Miami Memorial weekend! It's like Caribana, without the parade! Bikinis and stiletto's at 9am...let me stop! Shopping on Lincoln Rd (don't even let me start with the outlets and Bal harbour Mall) Gettin it in with Ricky Ross and Diddy right behind you...I'm not that old yet!

Essence Music Festival
New Orleans July 1,2 and 3
1 Weekend of Culture and Community
Seminars in the day, performances at night with a New Orleans backdrop!

I will continue to report on the best hotels and travel deals for the events that I will be attending...stay tuned

Road Trip? Brunch?... What I'm doing this year Part 2

Part Two:
Start the RSVP Womens Brunch and Shopping days in Toronto, and attend a convention or tradeshow during a road trip to NYC!
Last year I missed out on a ton of events that happened in different cities so this year I really want to live it up! With proper planning we can take well deserved "me time" and go on some serious "Spend it Good" Trips! Meet up with a group of RSVP Women and Brunch, shop around Toronto, hit Las Vegas & New York for some serious "Ladies Time"

Upcoming Events...

2 makeup events in New York, IMATS and The Makeup Show NYC. IMATS comes to Toronto as well, but I love going on an NYC Roadtrip. IMATS is Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 I wouldn't mind going on the Sunday from 11-5 ( more time to hit the stores

These shows are for makeup junkies!!! Watch the video and check out the site for more info.

The Makeup Show NYC is May 15-16

I will be doing an NYC Road Trip for one of these shows,if you want to organize a trip with your girls we can all meet up at different destinations. Most people like to fly, I like to drive because I need a car for my routine...
When I travel to New York I  always:

Leave on Wednesday night so that arrive Thursday morning when Woodbury Common's stores open
Check in Thursday afternoon and stay at the Sheraton in Brooklyn, New hotel LOVE the loacation!
Hit Century 21 at 7am Friday Morning Close the evening finding deals in Brooklyn at DSW, Daffy's and Target...Friday night hang out on the new and improved Fulton and Flatbush area! New restaurants, urban boutiques
Saturday Shop til you drop ALL DAY eat Thai at Cafeasia at night
Sunday Makeup Show and out!

Be prepared to walk! We will check out Versailles Boutique and a few other hot spots!

If you have any ideas for Toronto RSVP Womens Brunch or another convention, let me know

Room Tour: What I'm doing this year Part 1

While thinking of my New Year's Resolutions I thought of other things that I really want to do this year. They are not New Year's Resolutions...I just want to take my time and work on these things slowly!
There are 3 things I want to work on this year and I will do separate post for each one!

1. Re-organize my Diva Room, I love my Diva Room but it is getting kind of cluttered. This year I hope to install some shelving, a full length mirror (the one I have is in the master), and decorate it a little more like a boutique. I have a 59sec room tour on YouTube, but I'd rather do photographs now and a room tour on video when I get it to perfection!
Rolling Rack of all faves
I don't have a lot anymore it's good to clean up! I narrowed my wardrobe down to classic and trendy pcs that I can wear in many different ways. (Have a clothing swap or take them to a consignment store if you don't want to give them away) 

A dressing table where I store Magazines that I go back to, my makeup trunks for everyday and my favorite ottoman from homesense $49

The Top of my dresser acrylic and there is storage underneath the acrylic. I store my favorite magazines like Suede which was discontinued, and my Black Vogue Magazines.
Belts! My Faves!

These are my favorite bags a mix of High and Low

My Favorite Shoes

Tear Sheets from Magazines and Newspapers of work my brother and I have done

Half walk-in Closet used for everyday casual items

Divider that I use If I am dressing a client for a party!

Stay tuned for updates in the Diva Room!
I'm going to start by organizing all my clothes from light to dark and use my new hangers, as well as some new additions to the Diva Room that I received for Christmas!

OMG so these are my favorite hangers! They come from Winners and they were 18 for $12.99 (black velvet) Bottom Hangers were a little more 6 for $10.99 (pink velvet) They also came in Grey, Brown and Lilac, but it's hit or miss depending on which Homesense or Winners you are in!

Best Stocking stuffers ever! I love getting things like this because they always come in handy when you need them!

If you are redoing your room or walk-in closet or you already did and have amazing room tour photos or a video, send it in!
Re-Room Tour