Friday, April 15, 2011

Living Life... Italian Fashion 2011

I attended a Fashion Show On April 14th which was held by the Italian Trade commission in Toronto. The Show featured Fashions from Retailers in Yorkville like Nicolas Menswear & Womenswear, David shoes (the mecca for Louboutin's) and a few others.They also had a passport event where you received stamps for all your purchases at the participating retailers, and you could be entered to win a $1200 Gift Certificate!

The show was innovative and not your average runway show. There was a special kind of dance choreography, which was the actual show because the dancers modeled the clothing while performing....

Check out the video... to see how unique this show was!

Afterwards, I got to mingle and take a few photos! I met an amazing artist Lynda Pogue who happens to have her beautiful paintings on exhibit in "The Persistence of Colour" A Solo Exhibition in the Agora Gallery in New York City March 25-April 15th!

 Lynda & Penny

Check out her website:

I was invited to the event by my dear friend and Owner of Nicolas Menswear and Womenswear Luciana 

Alana, Christopher & Luciana

Nicolas is  located at 153 Cumberland St.416-966-2064

I attended the event with my good friend Brenda Tran who has really great channel on youtube:

Check her channel out: youtube/funkadalik

I was able to catch a few Diva's "Steppin out in Style" for this event...
 Talin & Lamees


This was a wonderful event with such an elegant vibe! I really enjoyed it! Stay tuned for my Store Tour of Luciana's store...

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