Sunday, October 31, 2010

Living Life...On set and it's Halloween!!!

Worked with my brother Donovan today who was a cool Rick James last night but back to Celebrity Stylist today on a creative and it was so great to watch him in action. RSVP provided most of the jewellery and the bustiers for the shoot, and the shoes were Charlotte Olympia from Plum in Yorkville. What an amazing team to work with! Donovan Whyte was the Key Stylist and assisted by Sonia Torsan, Makeup and Hair by Dee Daly, Photographer was Joseph Saraceno and the Model who is my #1 favorite Canadian model now (she freakin killed it) is Kamila Drotlef, not only a stunning beauty but also a soon to be UofT Graduate!

The Team

RSVP Jewels!

Stay tuned for the pics when they come out!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Step Out in Style....My new YouTube Intro

So I just started doing hauls on YouTube, and I just love how fancy the graphics are on some of the shows.  I am not savvy at all with these things and I wanted an Intro, so my good friend Priscilla (prisskitajoe on YouTube) told me about .... Joel "Introchamp"

Joel is well known for creating almost everyone's intro on YouTube. He is talented innovative and very professional. I changed my mind a million times and he was able to create the perfect intro with everything I asked for, by asking the right questions and researching my blog on his own.

Check out Joel's work on YouTube

Thanks Joel!

Friday, October 29, 2010

NEW.... RSVP Style Tips!

This week I started posting "RSVP Style Tips" these are tips and how to's for items that I see and sometimes purchase when I'm on the run.. With everyone accessing facebook and twitter on their smart phones, you can post questions on the Reinvented Soul Vision Philosophy page, and I will share the hotness that I see in some of your favorite stores and my new arrivals!

Living Life...... On Set with Keshia Chante this week!

This week was not as hectic as last week because we had one big job which was Keshia Chante's new video for the new single "Table Dancer" All I can say is Keshia is back!!!

All in all everything went very well and I can't wait for this single to drop because it will be a club banger!
In a few weeks check youtube for trailers.

Most of the jewels used in Keshia's video are from my boutique RSVP, BCBG and My Favorite Dresses

In the meantime, this week the first video which my Stylist brother worked on "Test Drive" was released this week!!! Go to youtube to view and check out Keshia's $2700 BCBG Gown!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Living Life....Backstage at LG Fashion Week!

After a hectic week of pulls, fittings and a lot of preparation, RSVP pulled off the first of many styling jobs! This week my bro and I styled the Lana Dugmag show which was amazing! Today at 2pm in the Heritage Building at LG Fashion Week!

We were hired to help Lana a new Designer, bring her story of "The Unfinished Doll's Dress" to life. As soon as we saw her collection, the ideas started flowing. As a team we all understand Lana's vision, and we all got along so well it was a great experience! The show was a hit!

Read Lana's Bio and Collection

Fitting Night

Backstage... Just before the show...

On the Red Carpet....

Lana Dugmag and guest

Asma Khan Model

Friday, October 15, 2010

Spend It Good Girl - Accessory Haul

All I have to say is... What do you think of my Fall Accessory Picks?

I had a great time! for tips on how to wear: See the "accessory haul" on youtube!