Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Closet Sale!

Here are the items from my "Sell Pile"
I recently cleaned my closet in one of my YouTube videos a few days ago, and I promised to post a few dresses that I'm selling! 

The First 3 are unworn BCBG pcs that I purchased at outlet malls here and in the US. These are the most expensive of the bunch, stay tuned as I will be adding more items to this post over the next few days! 

Serious Inquiries: rsvpgrp@gmail.com
PayPal Only!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Step Out in Style... Back to School Look Book Continuing Education

At this time of the year YouTube goes crazy with Back to School! My Subscription Box is full of Back to school OOTD's and Look books! I really wanted to do one, but I kept saying: "I'm not in school lol". Today I thought about Continuing Education students and how it must be crazy going back to school when you're a mom, wife if you were working and going back to school to to further your career, I hope these ideas help you out for back to school. 

Get Organized for Fall!

Happy Labor Day!
This was the perfect weekend for me to get my closet ready for Fall! I have 2 Rolling racks in my room where I keep all of the clothes that I wear day in and day out. Not only for work, It's a collection of my favorite dresses, tops, pants, skirts, and jackets. I also keep anything new that I buy on theses racks for my Collective Hauls. Now that Fall is around the corner; I figured it was time to start purging my summer items (which I move into the walk-in closet), and shop my closet to see what I need to buy replace etc.

The first thing I did was clear the racks, then I sorted everything and once I took away my "Sell" & "Donate" piles, I was left with Summer which I then stored away; and Fall. I changed all the hangers on my Fall clothing, organized them by short sleeve to Long, light to dark, and from shorts to evening gowns. Finally all I had to do was make a list of what I need to buy so that I am not purchasing things that I already have in my closet.

Check out the video below!

Blogging Again! Thanks for your patience and support!

My Website is still not ready!!! Trust me, it's hard getting your business off the ground! I am still getting a few things together, so I thought I would continue blogging until the site finally goes live! Hopefully you've been following me on my other Social Networks, because I am not going to back track lol (takes way too long), instead I will post from September 1st! Click on any of the links below to Follow Me!

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