Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spend it Good...A Mini Haul & Style Session + Kimbella Rocks My Fave Necklace!

If you tuned in to Love & Hip Hop Season 2 last week, you would have seen Kimbella rock a very familiar necklace in the scene where she meets Chrissy for the 1st time. (2nd time according to Kimbella lol)

I started selling these necklaces a while ago, and now it's finally hit Tv! I told you Diva's "The Bigger the Brighter the more Bling the Better" this season! I always rock this necklace with a tank to clubs and you can see them in many of my NYC Hauls.

I love them! There are many different versions and colours!

Hit Me up if you are you would like to order one!
rsvpgrp@gmail.com Paypal Only!

Check out my haul! You will never believe all the clothing I found for around $100!
Value Village, an $11 store on Queen St, and more fabulous finds!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Step Out in Style...My Favorite Sunglasses!

Saturday Night with Sophia:
  • Listen to Music (I'm always streaming Hot97) or CD's
  • Bottle of something good
  • My Diva Room
  • My Camera
This past Saturday I had a date with Wale. I listened to his new CD Ambition and it was good from start to finish. When I'm thinking of ideas for videos, I try to think outside the box. I have so many ideas and tips to share; and I try to make videos that are creative and fun. The most popular videos on my channel are wig reviews, styling sessions and Favorites. I've shown Favorite jackets, belts and shoes and so I decided to show sunglasses. These are a few of my favorite pairs, some are old some are new and I love and wear them all.

The Wale song "Slight Work" featuring Big Sean had me jammin in my Diva Room and that was my Saturday Night!


Spend It Good.... Do It Yourself Customized Jean Jacket

Last year I was featured in the Toronto Star "Style List" because I was wearing an old denim jacket that I customized using a box cutter! I made this Jacket about 10 years ago, and everywhere I go I get asked where I purchased it. When I started doing videos on YT, I showed the jacket in a video and my subbies started sending me emails asking me to do a tutorial so that they could make the Jacket at home.

I finally got the chance to do this for you! My friend wanted one, so I recorded the whole process for you! This is an amazing DIY! You can make this Jacket and throw it over anything to make your outfit stand out.
Please Try this at home!!!


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Spend it Good $11 Store in Toronto!.... OOTN

Ok! So I'm on Queen St the other Day, looking for a dress for my neice for a party and I find this crazy store! I pick and item, ask how much and the girl says:"Everything in the Store is $11"!!!! WHAAAAAAAAT? $11? This can't be right! So, I look around and I find a few pcs that I know I can work with!

I bought 3 pairs of leggings 1 dress and a blouse! They were cheap and chic!
Check out the Outfit of the Night video....

The Store is called Modestar.ca. They have a Facebook Page (no website)
The address is 423 Queen St. West Toronto
It's between Peter St and Spadina


Step Out In Style.... Sweet Nail colour from Urban Decay

I finally got a chance to try Urban Decay's Holiday Set of Nailpolish! I'm loving all the shades!

6 Amazing shades! Mars,Barlust, Ziggy, Wrecked, Gunmetal and Hot Mess!
I mixed Barlust and Ziggy for an amazing combination, and it looks great!

I love these polishes! They are just the right size and they are great when you mix the colours together!

The Nailpolish set is available at Sephora.com

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY I made an Armore out of a Chest of Drawers!

I recently watched a few YouTube videos reviewing the Hayworth Jewelry Armoire from Pier ! Imports.

I am so in love with this armoire, and when when I went to see it up close the price is higher in Canada! Way higher! $100 more plus our taxes are 13%! In the reviews both ladies said that they wished for a little more space in the drawer space anyway so I started looking at other options. I decided to use a Chest that I had in my room to see if I could do it myself!

Check out my new DIY video if you are looking for ways to organize your Jewelry!

Here are some of the photos! Try this at home if you are on a budget! You can also get a used chest from a Thrift Store or Garage Sale!

I'm very happy with the way it turned out and it's flexible so I can change it around based on what I'm wearing or what's in season!

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