Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CLOSET FREAK Clothing Sale!

What are you doing Saturday? Have ever gone Thrifting?

Thrifting is shopping at Thrift Stores regularly for used items that were you usually donated to places like Salvation Army, Value Village, and Goodwill. Every year I have a Garage sale after purging my closet, but I didn't have one then, so I'm having one this weekend!

Closet Freak Clothing Sale will be located at:
The Committee Salon
306 Adelaide St W
(Adelaide and Widmer) before John St
Parking is available in the back on Widmer (change only)

Check out this Vlog that I did yesterday when we had our meeting about the sale!

See you there!
Can't wait!!
Follow me on Instagram! I will be posting items all week that will be at the sale!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What is Wrist Candy?

During the Summer while visiting customers and clients, I would ask people all the time... Do you know what Wrist Candy is? Many people said no and this had me thinking about a wristcandy video. Although Youtubers, Iphone users, and Instagram lovers are very familiar with this term, just as many have never heard of "Wrist Candy" "Arm Candy" or an "Arm Party"

For those of you that don't know how to wear this very popular style, this video is for you. I pulled a selection of bangles, bracelets, etc and I'm also going to show you how I store my collections. For my YT family, feel free to do a Video Response showing me your Wrist Candy!

Check Out Tanialoving80's Video Response
Check Out BadassPlatinum's Video Response
Also Check out my girl Elisha's Video Response!
Thanks Ladies!!! For doing a Video Response and for showing how you store your items!

Rythm Makers Dance Studio
On Sunday November 4th I taught me first basic Makeup Class. A Dance studio in my area recently made it to Competition, so I taught a crash course to these girls and moms to help them get ready for the Niagra Falls competition in the Spring. It was a group of young girls 7-13 and they were confident and happy to learn about Makeup for the first time

Check Out my Outfit of the Day, and footage of me and my class!  Enjoy!

DIY Thrifted Jacket with Pyramid Studs

Embellishment is so hot this season and when you hit stores like Zara, TopShop and Mendocino everything is studded, spiked, and shiny. I did not want to spend a lot of money on such a trendy coat, so I decided this would be the perfect DIY.

I thrifted this Plaid Jacket for $10 dowtown on Queen St at a store called Blackmarket

I also hit Sussmans on Queens St where they have tons of  beading, studs, and even appliques and picked up the sew on studs and beads for this project

The video will show you how to do this at home! Enjoy!

The total Project Costed about $35

Step Out in Style... Shopping At Bedo Canada

Why Do you Shop where you Shop?

Brand Loyalty?

I shop at specific stores for all the reasons above and more, but Good Service and Staff are one of the Main reasons why I shop at Bedo Canada.

I did a few videos that featured items from Bedo's Fall Collection, because I've always loved their designs. While H&M, TopShop and Zara continue to "Hype" the masses; I still look for that "unique" "standout" article of clothing that no one "will be wearing" at the party or event I'm attending.

Many of the items in the videos are still available instore
Shout Out to Sheila and the girls at Fairview, Kerri and the girls at Queen St, and Fernanda!!!!
Check out Bedo's Website
Follow them on Twitter!
Tweet Bedo!

This video was fimed in Markham, Ontario
by Chelsi and Myself

Check out the Video to see all 4 Bedo Outfits
This video Features my Girl Chelsi Mittelholzer she ran for Miss Canada last year, and is now a Mentor to young girls speaking at schools across Canada

I love this outfit
Sweater Bedo
Shorts Bedo
Tights Joe Fresh
Shoes Tory Burch
Bag Max Azria

Python Print Blouse Bedo
Red Jeans Bedo
Belt Fendi
Shoes Sam Edelman