Sunday, January 2, 2011

Room Tour: What I'm doing this year Part 1

While thinking of my New Year's Resolutions I thought of other things that I really want to do this year. They are not New Year's Resolutions...I just want to take my time and work on these things slowly!
There are 3 things I want to work on this year and I will do separate post for each one!

1. Re-organize my Diva Room, I love my Diva Room but it is getting kind of cluttered. This year I hope to install some shelving, a full length mirror (the one I have is in the master), and decorate it a little more like a boutique. I have a 59sec room tour on YouTube, but I'd rather do photographs now and a room tour on video when I get it to perfection!
Rolling Rack of all faves
I don't have a lot anymore it's good to clean up! I narrowed my wardrobe down to classic and trendy pcs that I can wear in many different ways. (Have a clothing swap or take them to a consignment store if you don't want to give them away) 

A dressing table where I store Magazines that I go back to, my makeup trunks for everyday and my favorite ottoman from homesense $49

The Top of my dresser acrylic and there is storage underneath the acrylic. I store my favorite magazines like Suede which was discontinued, and my Black Vogue Magazines.
Belts! My Faves!

These are my favorite bags a mix of High and Low

My Favorite Shoes

Tear Sheets from Magazines and Newspapers of work my brother and I have done

Half walk-in Closet used for everyday casual items

Divider that I use If I am dressing a client for a party!

Stay tuned for updates in the Diva Room!
I'm going to start by organizing all my clothes from light to dark and use my new hangers, as well as some new additions to the Diva Room that I received for Christmas!

OMG so these are my favorite hangers! They come from Winners and they were 18 for $12.99 (black velvet) Bottom Hangers were a little more 6 for $10.99 (pink velvet) They also came in Grey, Brown and Lilac, but it's hit or miss depending on which Homesense or Winners you are in!

Best Stocking stuffers ever! I love getting things like this because they always come in handy when you need them!

If you are redoing your room or walk-in closet or you already did and have amazing room tour photos or a video, send it in!
Re-Room Tour

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  1. i really enjoyed the tour, its very inspiring love it its fabilous