Friday, October 28, 2011

Step Out in Style... Jasmine H. Advic

Meet Jasmine, an up and coming Fashion Stylist in Toronto!
Jasmine is working her way up in the industry, she freelances around Toronto and even worked at LG Fashion Week this year. She is definitely one to watch I love her style! I totally caught her off guard at work today, but I had to post a pic because I love this Outfit of the Day!

Jasmine is wearing a Metallic Knit Sweater from Zara
Pants: Club Monaco
Boots: Vintage America Nine West

Stay Tuned for an update on Jasmine!
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Spend it Good... Thriftin Ain't Easy!

In my new video I go thrifting with my nephew to find him a costume! I end up finding not one, but 2 crazy deals! I didn't post any pictures because I want it to be a surprise! The next time you go to Value Village, Goodwill or Salvation Army take a good look!
Thriftin Ain't Easy, but when you find that special deal go for it!
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Spend It Good... My Favorite Shoes and Boots of the Moment!

I love doing Style Sessions on YouTube because I don't always get a chance to film "Outfit of the Days". It's the best way for me to show you how I style the items that I show you in Shopping Hauls. The one pet peeve that I have is that it's kind of hard to show the shoes that you are wearing! You have to take them off or move your camera. I'm still learning how to edit and film, so I thought a "Shoe Show" would be the perfect way to show you the shoes and boots.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Step Out in Style... The New "Shakira" LFW T27/613/B2

What a great Thanksgiving Weekend!I went to Warner on Sunday Night and it was great because I was in research mode... I reviewed Kalore's Shakira Lace Front Wig in a new length, and colour!

Check out the video below! I wore the Wig on Sunday night so that I could include pics for the video. Let's just say that in the club it was hard to read on faces whether or not people liked it, but I got a ton of compliments from so many girls that night! Thanks Diva's!

Check out to order the Shakira wig in T27/613/B2. These synthetic Lace Fronts are $50, and they come with a Brush and pair of eyelashes!

As I said in the video, this is one of my favorite Wigs in the Kalore LFW Collection. My "go to" Wig in the Collection is Brittany and then Shakira! Once you get to know this wig you can style it in so many different ways that you will be happy that you have it! It can be dressed up, and you will find yourself wearing it on your more casual days as well

Here is the breakdown of the Outfit that I wore on that night with my New Wig! I recently blogged about the vest that I am wearing and I am taking orders for customized vests like this one!

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Step Out In Style- My Custom Studded Vest

Have you seen the new Keshia Chante video "Shooting Star"? Well check out the video below and subscribe to Keshia's Channel for updates on what she's working on! She also does these really cute VLogs when she's traveling etc. The video was styled by the amazing brother Donovan Whyte, so RSVP provided some of the jewelry for the shoot like the earrings she is wearing in the 1st scene. I customized a Denim vest that was used on Keshia for the shoot:

I took this brand new denim vest that I wasn't wearing, removed the sleeves and added studs. The studs that I used are large gold, black, and silver, and this only took about 40mins to put together.

Check out Keshia's new video! Check out the vest!

Here is a closeup of the Vest:

Stylist Donovan Whyte on set with Keshia Chante

Check out Keshia's website!

Keisha was interviewed on set and it Aired today on the Oh So Cosmo Channel. She is so beautiful, smart and talented!

If you missed the interview, here it is below:

*If you are looking for a Customized Pcs for a music video, magazine etc

Contact @rsvpstarbwoy on Twitter for more information.

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