Saturday, July 14, 2012

Step Out in Style... Summer & Winter Statement Necklaces?

On Thursday when getting dressed, I was adding my final accessory and felt like I needed "More" around my neck. I was wearing a low scoop neck dress and My Cocoa Jewelry White Turquoise Stone Vintage Gold Necklace from the current Summer Collection. (Available at Shoppers Drugmart Stores across Canada)

I looked through my collection, and decided to add this Multi Chain Drop Stone Statement Necklace from Cocoa Jewelry Fall/ Winter 2011 Collection

Fashion is all about risks right? I decided to add "More" by layering them

I was stopped by so many people and asked where I got my Necklace!
This is what I call Spending it Good!
It's the look of a very Expensive Necklace and both are $30 each!

Now this is a "Look for Less"
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Living Life... I'm in the Toronto Star today!

When Derick Chetty Fashion Reporter for the Toronto Star calls, you answer on the first ring...
I may not have a million sucbcribers, but knowing that the people like Derick are watching my videos... makes me feel great about where I am in a sea of Youtubers when I'm a small fry who started with no experience!

Derick had seen one of videos where I changed my hair 7 times and asked me all about my wig collection, why I wear them etc. I had a fantastic time at Star studios shooting 7 different looks with Richard Lautens and Fredis, my makeup artist.

Enjoy the behind the scenes video!

I have a natural fro pretty much that I keep braided under my wigs. After relaxing my hair for 23 years I quit because of the damage, and I hate weaves only because of the process. I like doing everything at home so I watched youtube and picked up several tips and even came up with a few of my own!

1. Woolite for washing synthetic wigs
2. Morrocan oil combed through the wig after shampoo revives your wig
3. Yes you can curl synthetic hair I will include a video below
Shakira LFW in colour T27/613/B2 by
(I permanently straightened this wig it comes like the one below)
Shakira in colour #613 by

Febulous n colour 4/27 from Clore Beauty Supply

Kalore Indian Remy 20" Full Lace Human Hair

Rihanna by

Wig Quti from Clore Beauty Supply

Brittany by

The wigs are are Lacefront or Full Lace accept Quti
Check out Clore Beauty Suppy it's my favorite store to buy all my hair and and some makeup
Big Shout out to the Staff at Clore for helping me pick out my wigs for the shoot!

Thanks to 

Check out my playlist of all my Hair videos on Youtube:

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Step Out in Style... OOTD for work

Wow! Crazy week!The weather in Toronto has been so hot that I've tossed my Blazer!
I wear a lot of simple dresses to work, but I usually add a Blazer to complete the look. Also because it looks more professional when I'm visiting stores. No Blazer today, but I still look very professional in this 2 tone dress that I picked up from Zara years ago!


Dress - Zara
Necklace - Cocoa Jewelry
Wrist Candy - Cocoa Jewelry
Earrings - Cocoa Jewelry
Shoes - Zigi NY

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Step Out in Style... Nude & Blush Lookbook

Happy Monday! Well Sunday lol...
I finally finished my lookbook! Yay! this one was a lot of work! I filmed each look over a period of 2 weeks and then edited a little everyday, finally I'm done!

A few weeks ago I picked up a bunch of Nude and Blush pcs because I felt that I was lacking some basic items. I wasn't planning on doing an all Nude Lookbook, but after reading an article by Heather Toskan in the Sun Newspaper; I was totally inspired. I have had the pleasure of working with her in the past, and she is a great well experienced Fashion Writer. Check out the article below:
Toronto Sun Life Fashion section June 2012

In this lookbook I used as many Nude and Blush pcs that I could find in my closet, but I did try to keep the outfits very basic so that you can recreate them with your own similiar pcs that you  have at home. If you don't have a lot of Nude and Blush in your closet, now is the perfect time to buy!
Bedo, Zara, H&M and TopShop are stores that you can shop at now for great prices on basic neutrals that you will be able to wear year round.

For Accessories I used Gold, Silver, Rosegold and Silver Jewelry. You can also pair Nude & Blush with Colourful Jewelry like Pastels and even different versions of Turquoise, Red etc. For shoes I kept the colours Neutral for the purpose of this video, In an outfit of the day I will be sure to show you Nude paired with a very bright shoe.
Top - Joe Fresh
Skirt - H&M
Necklace - Cocoa Jewelry
Shoes - Sam Edelman
Dress - Bedo
Blazer - Bedo
Belt - Zara
Jewelry - NYC
Shoes - Sam Edelman
Top - Bedo
Shorts - Modestar
Driver - Vince Camuto
Dress - Katie
Necklace & Bracelet  - Cocoa Jewelry
Booties - Stewart Weitzmam
Shoes - Sam Edelman Novato

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Step Out in Style... Simple Black Outfit of the Day

While downtown this week, I tried to find ways and places to film myself (without looking crazy lol).
I was able to record 2 OOTD's, and I hope you enjoy them!
Here is the first one I was on Queens Quay and the weather was amazing. There were boating students on the water and an old couple hanging out in a Gazebo...

I took a break from my busy day to share this Simple Black Outfit... This is another way to wear this top
I also wore this top when I was photographed at the Brooklyn Museum

My Photo on

Top - Necessary NYC
Pants - Club Monaco
Shoes - Tori Burch
Bag - Michael Kors
Wrist Candy & All Jewelry - Cocoa Jewelry

Spend it Good... More Shopping Hauls!

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This Giveaway is on until July 10, so you still have time to watch the video and enter!
If you are not into the Giveaways just enjoy these Haul videos because I found great deals!

The Contest below is closed but enjoy the Haul!
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Step Out in Style... Presents from the UK

In this video I share a few goodies that my cousins sent me for my Birthday!
Special Thanks to Aunty Suzanne for my Hand Made Birthday Card
Yvetter and Helen Thanks so much for the Jewelry and Makeup!

Thanks to Marsha and Gman for hooking up my Mellycakes!
Go to to order custom cakes, cupcakes and more!


Summer Lookbook 1 - Wearing Prints

Is this you?
Are you confused about Prints and Accessories?
Do you throw everything together because they match?

Don't be so matchy matchy...
Watch this:)

Here's my rule...
If you have to question the outfit and how you've put it togther, you might want a costume change. Confidence is key! Some people may they LOVE the outfit on you, even though they might not wear it themselves. If you are confident it shows and you look better!
1) Start with one Print, you can even start small with a printed scarf and your usual solids
2) pick a brighter colour (that you don't usually wear) from the print to balance the outfit
could be a top, shoes etc
3) When you feel confident adding another colour, add it with an get it!:)

Thats what I do when I start to plan my outfit.
Mixing prints (stripes, florals etc) is a huge fashion trend, try something different! Go Girl!

Outfit #1
This outfit is my favorite!
Turban - 28th St NYC
Top - Bedo $12.95
Necklace - Cocoa Jewelry Sears Collection $48(Gifted)
Pants - Zara $49.99
Shoes - Sam Edelman
Birkin Inspired bag - Boj


Outfit #2

Jacket - BCBG
Silk Tank - BCBG
Pants - Bedo $69.99
Shoes - Sam Edelman Lorissa Teal

Outfit 3

Top - Bedo $34.95
Necklace - Cocoa Jewelry $48
Leggings - Vera Moda $19.00
Wedges - Dolce Vita Roja $65

Outit #4 & #5
I used 1 skirt from Bedo to create 2 looks:

Top- Bedo $34.95
Skirt - Bedo $34.95
Shoes - Sam Edelman
Necklace - Cocoa Jewelry (Fall )
Top - Winners Clearance $8
Skirt - Bedo $34.95
Necklace - Cocoa Jewelry (Sears Collection)
Shoes - Sam Edelman

Check out for the nearest location
Cocoa Jewelry is available at Shopper's Drug Mart stores across Canada, and Sears stores across Ontario

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