Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spend it Good... Petite Feet Sale

Me and my girls hit the Petite Feet Sale this weekend and it was crazy! I went on Saturday at  9:30am thinking that it would be Petite Feet sizing only, and to my surprise there was a huge selection of 9.5, 10, and 10.5. I go between all 3 sizes because shoes styles vary.
On Saturday I picked up 2 pairs of Sam Edelman shoes

Sam Edelman "Lorna"
I had my eye on these last year at the first sale! Instead of $100 these were $50

Sam Edelman "Ulysa"
These I love! I love that they are Suede and Patent!

Check out My footage of the Sale!
If you have never been to a Petite Feet Sale you won't miss one after this!
No Lineups, and it gets crowded so I went at the opening!

I had so much fun at this sale! You should make the Spring Sale a girl's trip!
My US Followers it's perfect reason for a trip to Toronto!

Sam Edelman "Yasmine"
Great everyday Nude Pumps that go with everything!

Sam Edelman "Portney"
A Classic style that will add a pop to an All Black outfit!

Sam Edelman "Novato"
An open back version of my black pair that I got at Bloomies for $39!

Vince Camuto "Korsi"
I needed to upgrade my Patent shoes with a more grown up hidden platform

There is a method to my madness! It's only January and I've already done 2 Shopping Hauls! I put this collage together to show you how I shop! I did a Joe Fresh Haul last week, and I wasn't planning on Shopping this week! I'm glad that I got the email for Petite Feet because I was able to build on my Joe Fresh Haul. I can't wait to put  all the outfits together!

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