Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY I made an Armore out of a Chest of Drawers!

I recently watched a few YouTube videos reviewing the Hayworth Jewelry Armoire from Pier ! Imports.

I am so in love with this armoire, and when when I went to see it up close the price is higher in Canada! Way higher! $100 more plus our taxes are 13%! In the reviews both ladies said that they wished for a little more space in the drawer space anyway so I started looking at other options. I decided to use a Chest that I had in my room to see if I could do it myself!

Check out my new DIY video if you are looking for ways to organize your Jewelry!

Here are some of the photos! Try this at home if you are on a budget! You can also get a used chest from a Thrift Store or Garage Sale!

I'm very happy with the way it turned out and it's flexible so I can change it around based on what I'm wearing or what's in season!

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