Monday, April 18, 2011

Step out in Style... Lace Front Quick Styling Tip

Whether you love or hate the Kardashian sisters, they have put themselves on the map when it comes to Fashion. What I love about the Kardashian sisters; is that they have body types that many of us can relate to. I'm slim, but tall ! I feel like Khloe when I'm in heels, I feel like Kim when I'm rocking something body concious, but I love Kourtney's personal style  because the most like me.

Here are a few pics of Kourtney that inspired my OOTD for Sunday Tea:

So I love all the looks of the sisters in these pics, but I love Koutney's Hair! It's a messy braided updo that is perfect for going out to work or play!  I will do an OOTD inspired by Kourtney's look in another post, but for today I have recreated the look of her hair with my Synthetic Lace Front. *When the ends of the hair of your Lace Front gets tangled you can still wash them and use them to do the updo!

What you will need:
A synthetic or human hair lace front 14" or longer
Lots of bobby pins/hair pins
1 elastic (to secure the bun)
Shine Spray mousse or finishing spray (of your choice)
Paddle brush
parting comb

*Brush your wig out thoroughly before you start
 (use whatever products you need to bring her back to life Divas lol)
*I parted her in the middle and on a slant because I don't want it to look too perfect
*I pinned up a portion of the hair at the temples so I could braid them last


*I braided this part at the end after making the bun
*Take all the hair that's left after you pin some up on both sides of the temples, and sweep it to one side
*Make 1 big long braid with the hair, then put it in a bun or pin in in a zig zag pattern at the back like I did below:

* Don't forget to pin up any stray hairs sticking out!
*This should be your end result...

Here was my outfit of the day!


Top: a steal on the clearance rack at Winners
Bag : Shopper's Drugmart ( it was 20x the points so I also got 20,000 points)
Black Skinny pants: Club Monaco
Shoes: Also a steal at Winners Guess platforms



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