Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dakota and Neah helping Divas...

Hi Ladies and Gents!
I am very excited to post my first story about

Dakota and Neah helping Divas!

A few months ago, I started out on YouTube and I didn't know anything about it! I watched a few Divas doing their thing, and started uploading.

One night I was watching TV and all of a sudden, I started getting emails from new subscribers (like 100 emails in 1hr). I asked someone how they found out about my channel only to find out that I received a shout out from one of the very Divas that I watched before joining YouTube.


She didn't know me and gave me a shout out so that her followers would follow me.

Dakota and Neah Helping Divas
Is a new segment that I am doing starting today to do my part to help friends and followers achieve their goals. There are so many contests and online voting polls happening now, that we could help a sista dominate when we vote and enter in masses. The problem is sometimes we find out too late or we don't find out at all. With all the social networking that we have today, we can "tell a friend" who will "tell a friend" and then we vote in masses to help that person win! Stay tuned for more information in my next video!

Vote! Contest closes March 31st!

With all the people that you know and I know and SongbirdDiva4Life knows
How can she not win?


This is a direct link for you to vote for her!

She truly deserves to win the Black Opal Contest

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