Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hang out with me and my friend Eric Jimenez

I had the greatest day on Monday! I had a chance to hang out with one of my good friends Eric Jimenez Global Director of Urban Decay Cosmetics and we did a video!

Eric and I share a love for Shopping and because he travels more than anyone I know; I asked him to tell us what things he won't travel without! In the video Eric also share some of his Favorite items and his recent finds during his trip to Las Vegas!
This is a new series called What's in My Bag "Friends Edition" I hope you like it!

Here are some of my favorite items Eric showed in the video:

Henri Bendel's 2012 Agenda Book

These Marjiela Sneakers

The Oval One Diamond watch by Marco Mavilla

Eric also gave me a lovely gift...

A Marco Mavilla purse! It's so beautiful and the leather is so soft and I can't wait to rack this in Spring/Summer 2012

 This is the Vertu a True Luxury Cell Phone

We had a great time I hope you enjoyed this video!

Eric Jimenez is the Worldwide Retail Director and Global Makeup Artist for Urban Decay


  1. I absolutely LOVE,LOVE & LOVEEEEEE this segment,
    he definitely has a amazing job and fabulous belongings!

    Tejahn Burnett

  2. Thanks Tejahn what a pretty name! I'm motivated girl I want to be just like him when I grow up! Thanks for the comment!