Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mother's Day is Coming!!!... Gift Ideas

Mother's Day will be here very soon! This is one of the most important days so if you are a budget and you want a great gift start early like me! I will be posting Mother's Day gift Ideas, so if you want to see more come back to this post because I will comtinue to update it!
Who doesn't love perfume? I haven't met anyone that hates it. Quite frankly, the people that I know love and collect a lot of Fragrance...

Shopper's Drugmart always has cheap perfumes for $19.99. What I love about the selection is they always have some Classics, some no name, but mostly young and fun brands. What I always look for in this section is:
1) Brand
2) Perfume or Eau de Toilette (perfume better)
3) Available in the Boutique?

The steal here is Lolita Lampika an amazing scent that is pure perfume not eau de toilette. Kim Kardashian is perfect for younger trendy females
       Check your local Shopper's they all have a different selection. Also try the Kate Moss Frangrance

Here is a dress from Winners that is Inspired by the Herve Leger Dresses!
It' comes in Nude and Black, and is on sale for $50 Final Clearance

Stay Tuned for Updates to this Post!

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